School Canteen Signage and Illustration | Norse Group

Design and illustration work for Norse Catering

Over the past six months we’ve been working on creating some school canteen signage for Norse Catering. They wanted to make their infant and junior schools a place where children felt welcomed and excited about lunchtimes. We opted for hand drawn typography and quirky illustrations to help bring the canteens to life. Both schools have the same style but use different colour schemes to help set them apart.

We were not only involved in the design and illustration work for the signage but also handled production and fitting. We have now finished installation at ten sites and have a further seven to do. Although every school uses a similar style, each job has been custom built to fit the different sizes of each location. Take a look through the images to see some of the finished products.

We have now completed work on several projects with more of an interior design aspect. As a branding agency we understand how to create the right look and feel for the environment to help reflect your brand. If you have any projects in mind and aren’t sure how best to tackle them feel free to¬†get in touch.

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