Adult Education Services – ‘Get In’ Campaign

Our ‘Get In’ advertising campaign promotes Adult Education courses available in the Norfolk County area to help individuals gain new skills and qualifications. Adult Education provides opportunities for people to enrol on courses and gain a number of skills and a qualification by the end of their academic period.

The Brief

Our initial meeting with the customer outlined the brief – create a campaign to promote Adult Education courses available for the new season. We were asked to focus on the 18-25 year old group, with a pre-requisit that our concept would be adaptable enough to appeal to other age groups. The 18-25 yr old market would be individuals that had left school needing further qualifications, or people that had a career but wanted to move up a level by gaining additional skills. Other age groups might include people that were looking to change career later in life; individuals looking to try something new; or mature students revisiting a subject that they had not qualified in previously.

Our client had already booked a series of course listing press ads and wanted an engaging idea to help direct traffic to the listings and Adult Education services in general. We suggested using teaser ads placed in the same paper before the listings so that they work in tandem. We also recommended a series of bus adverting, billboards/poster sites and flyers to raise campaign awareness.

How the campaign came together

Whilst coming up with different concepts we wanted to create a strong brand identity. Something which would not only create a hook for the campaign, but also add value for the customer. With this in mind the customer could use the identity across other mediums as a generic devise for several Adult Education promotions. We created the ‘Get In’ badge as device for this purpose. As we were speaking primarily to 18-25 year olds the language had to be right and the “Get in” phrase is appropriate for the target audience.

We also wanted to use headlines and imagery that are highly positive, engaging and forward thinking. We new that for the 18-25yr old group the thought of returning to education for some, could be a daunting one. We set up a focus groups with students that had taken up the courses previously to listen to their ideas about what worked for them.

Previous campaigns for Adult Education Services had created a pop art style brand using bright primary and secondary colours. We wanted to created a fresh look whilst maintaining a feel of the previous brand. We stuck with the colours that had been used over many years to maintain brand continuity.

The client is delighted with what we delivered and felt that they had a campaign that could be run over several years to improve awareness of their services and increase uptake. They also wanted to use the new design to revamp some of their old materials.

To find our more about Adult Education courses in Norfolk visit their website.


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