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Our client asked us to create a promotional campaign to advertise free sports for over 35 year olds. This was part of a newly funded initiate to engage difficult to reach groups that tended to have an adversity to sports or exercise. Our client needed a name for the product, a brand identity, as well as advertising concepts for promotional posters, flyers, leaflets and direct mail. They also need a number of promotional goods which ranged from pull up banners, to fridge magnets, sports bags and promo packs. We wanted create something that is light hearted and fun that would appeal to our target audience.

We needed to address and remove the stereotyping that people that are unfit are overweight. Our solution focuses on people who don’t do physical activity. With a working title of “Over 35 Year Olds Campaign”, we started to develop advertising concepts. The name “Fun & Fit Norfolk” came out of this process. The brand needed to be simple as easy to identify, we wanted the audience to get it quickly and take ownership of the scheme. We decided the point is that it’s for Norfolk people, therefore it is an important part of the title. Also it was about getting “fitter” as opposed to doing sport. So we devised “Fit Norfolk” and then we added the “fun”, ending up with “Fun & Fit Norfolk, the chosen name.

They key offering in this project was the fact that these sessions that are being offered were free. All that was needed was for individuals to sign up online or phone to book and then get a 10 week course of activities. The free aspect is an incentive to the audience to try something new, and the cost of running the course comes from funding put in place to address health and fitness in Norfolk. We also wanted to get a cross the social angle of doing activities and the confidence building aspect. With that in mind we decided photography was the best way to show this visually and we started to look for images of people having fun doing physical activity.

We wanted to break down that there is no pre-judgement about what level you are at in terms of fitness. The message was for people come along, enjoy some laughter and take part in a fun activity. The people used in the promotion are everyday people rather than fitness fanatics. We used a bright colour scheme that would work across different media. It would help make the campaign clearly identifiable. The core colours were the colours of Active Norfolk (the client), so we still used their orange and the main lead colour with secondary colours of bright green, magenta. We devised the logo and got the domain which tied the campaign together and made it easy for public recognition of the scheme.

The campaign was launched at the end of September with over 10,000 direct mailers sent out communicating the the free offer to the mailing list. Followed by banner displays at events, flyer and leaflet drops to appropriate organisations and hand outs to raise awareness. Activities include football, badminton, golf, bowls, table tennis, beginners fitness classes, yoga and zumba to name a few. The first courses are already running, if you need some incentive to try something new and join the fun and fit norfolk crew visit to find out more.

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Come back soon to hear about our next campaign for Active Norfolk “Sportivate” a national campaign with a local slant aimed at 18-25 year olds. A very different approach was needed to Fun & Fit! Please add a comment if you found this article interest and of use we’d love to hear from you.

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