We Love Logos!!

We love logo design!

Our three favourite logo design blogs that you should consume everyday.

There is something intrinsically interesting to us as humans about creating an icon that can represent something. This has been the case since the age of cave paintings, some 40,000 years ago, where imagery was used to tell stories and document the world. In the present day we can load icons with meaning and they can represent anything from a simple object to a multifaceted company. Logos can evolve from a basic symbol into something with true emotional value. A classic example of this is Nike and their ‘Just Do It’ identity. Over time Nike have attributed feelings and emotions like success, ambition, positivity and motivation to their brand and logo.

Hundreds of logos are created everyday. Identities are always evolving and being redesigned to move with the changing aspirations of a business and organisation. If you share our love for logos take a look at our favourite logo design blogs which we consume everyday.

  • Logoarchive – A frequently updated Instagram blog with some of the best examples of lesser know logos.
  • LogoDesignLove – This blog gives you more than just visual inspiration. Each article is insightful and teaches you about the history and thinking behind logos old and new.
  • BrandNew – This excellent blog reviews the latest logo design. It also compares redesigns to older versions to show and evaluate the design progression.

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