The Magic Four – How to maximise your website success

Discover how to get more from your website

Nearly 93% of all buying decisions start with an online search. This means your website is often the first time potential customers will come into contact with your company. There are four key things your website needs in order to maximise success. Explore ‘The Magic Four’ to find out if your website has these essentials.

Does your website look professional?

Websites that look great, give a clear indication of what your company has to offer. They provide a sense of security, trust and set the tone for your brand. First impressions are everything.

Is your website user friendly?

User friendly websites are seamless in their navigation and help users find information quickly. Creating a great user experience is essential to keeping your visitors engaged and on your website.


Is your website responsive?

A responsive website recognises the device it is being viewed on and adapts it’s design to improve the user experience. Around 50% of website views are on mobile phones. Mobile users have little patience for sites that are difficult to use.

Is your website visible? 

Being visible means your website is appearing near the top of search engines for relevant search terms.


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