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We handle brand development on every level and this often includes a building’s interior design or wayfinding design schemes.

It’s important that brand continuity is maintained for when customers enter your premises. We design colour schemes, wall art, and interior and exterior graphics as well as signage systems to create the right customer experience. Whether it’s inside or outside a building, the right wayfinding system is an integral part of a building’s functionality, and getting it right is highly important to ensure your customers are guided to the correct location. This is much more than just placing a few strategic direction signs – you want your environments to leave a great impression on your clients. It’s important that the look of the building and it’s content emulate the right message for your brand and careful choice in what to include can make all the difference.

We’ve designed interior schemes for offices, care homes and studio environments to create a professional experience, great functionality and a positive emotive impression. We’ve also designed puzzle trails and stamper trials for outdoor tourist sites with a whole range of bespoke characters. We’ve worked on interior and exterior retail signage as part of our branding work.

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