SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO Search Engine Optimisation work falls into 4 main categories:-

  1. Internal SEO, which is meta data and on site page analysis to improve visibility.
  2. External SEO i.e. Using directories and external posts to create inbound links.
  3. Blogging and content writing to build tags and drive traffic to your site, both via social channels and through general search traffic.
  4. Creating targeted landing pages which tend to be niche, focusing on “ready to buy” individuals.

Using a combination of the above categories we bring more traffic to your site which in turn increases your search engine ranking. We also do keyword research and advise our customers on site structure and changes which can be implemented to improve the customer journey. It’s very important that once visitors get to your site they don’t bounce off it again, otherwise the positive work put in gets undone and your ranking is lowered as a result.

We can also set up google analytics, google business, google plus and google webmaster pages which all feed into your Search Engine Optimisation. SEO combined with focused Social Media can create massive improvements in your volumes of traffic, ranking and conversions.

We devise SEO plans with you to get the best results, ensuring appropriate traffic is reaching your offering. Many companies report that other than word of mouth, their website (when handled well) is the next best source of new business. If you are looking to generate new customers it is likely that your website isn’t driving enough traffic to your business or that your website needs some serious attention to improve user experience.

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