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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a specialist area that requires a clear, focused strategy, and lots of planning to obtain your goals. It’s not just about being present.

We have written plans for our client’s social strategies, giving insightful guidance for those that wish to handle their own social media. You may not be sure where, when, what and how best to post your content. It is important for those with social accounts to realise that each account will need a different strategy depending on the criteria you are trying to fulfil. We can also train you in methodologies to cut down workloads and to grow your following naturally – no fast tracks or tricks, just great organic growth! A lasting impact on social media is not about having thousands of followers, it’s all about having the right audience that are genuinely interested in what you’ve got to say.

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Something else we create is social media campaigns. This is digital marketing, usually spanning over 1-2 months to generate interest in certain products, ventures or services. It utilises targeted, paid for advertising, to grow an audience reaching out to specific interested parties. We can control who this goes out to, both geographically and via people profiling. We can advise on budgets and where best to place your digital marketing spend, as well as create enticing visual marketing.

Our third offering in terms of social media is social media management. This is where we handle your social media across several channels on an ongoing basis. We post content on your behalf and interact with your existing audience, as well as grow your followers. This is set under agreed guidelines. We operate this under a fixed monthly fee with a minimum contract of 3 months.

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