Participation Sport – Logo Design

Participation Sport Logo Design Norwich

We have recently finished work on a project for Participation Sport who approached us to create a new logo identity. The company has recently been set up by Diccon Loy and focuses on creating, promoting and producing sport events, campaigns and experiences. The brief was to design a unique, eye catching and memorable logo that represents sports without the clichéd images of runners, cyclists and swimmers.

From the outset we wanted to create a logo that represented and unified the sporting events set up by Participation Sports. We focused on time as this is one of the key elements found in every event. The ‘PS’ icon is directly inspired by the numbers found on stopwatches and timers used across a range of sports. The ‘S’ also illustrates a participants route with the orange square depicting the end goal/finish line.

The orange colour palette was selected to create a distinctive identity that represents the high energy nature of sporting events. We used Octin College as the primary typeface as it has a bold form and strong sporting connotations. 

Keep an eye out for Participation Sport! 

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