Able Care

Able Care are an agency based in Norwich that provide 24 hour live-in care. They have been established for over 36 years. Their unique operation of using consistent care staff makes them very popular with clients.

The service that Able Care offers is at the higher end of the market and we wanted to reinvent their brand to reflect their friendly and sophisticated nature. Before coming to us Able Care’s brand had a very harsh feeling about it. (You can see the original branding for comparrison with some of our other concepts here.)

We advised that the hand from their existing logo could be repurposed in a better way creating an evolutionary approach. The final logo consisted of two hands inside a house which not only conveyed the idea of care within the home but also the sense of togetherness and friendship they work so hard to achieve. The colour palette consists of a range of muted greens that were selected due to their tranquil and calming nature. Able Care have worked very hard in creating a stress free process for their clients and we really wanted this to be reflected throughout their brand.

We have worked on a wide range of printed materials for Able Care including new stationery, promotional items and displays. We kept the designs very clean and simple to emulate the high quality service the agency offers.

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