We were approached by Homeworks and Ironworks to rebrand their company with a new name of Alcosa who provide heating equipment, fireplaces, chimney and flue work. They wanted a brand that was more modern and sophisticated to emulate the high end products that they offer.

We worked hard to create a unique identity that sets Alcosa apart from their competitors, but at the same time allows for expansion of their product range. The device used stems from the idea of log piles within the home which creates a clean, simple and relatable visual. We opted for a contemporary colour scheme as opposed to wood based colours to make the brand more vibrant and inviting. The green colour used also represents the eco-friendly bio fuels that Alcosa use. Applying a more vibrant colour scheme allows the shapes the opportunity to morph into something else entirely, i.e. patterning or tiling around the home. This future proofs the brand by allowing for an increase in product range.

We went on to apply the brand across a range of printed materials as well as signage and vehicle livery.


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