The Hugger campaign was commissioned back in 2007 by Norfolk County Council and won Gold at the CIPR awards of the same year. It is still live today and has been further commissioned by Suffolk and Essex County Councils.

NCC wanted to reduce serious road incidents (KSIs) involving motorcyclists in the Norfolk area. In order to do this they proposed running a campaign to not only make drivers more aware of motorcyclists on the road, but also to provide rider assessments to motorcyclists to ensure they were riding in the safest manner possible.

We presented a range of ideas for the campaign but the idea of the Hugger character prevailed. It was felt that the use of a character gave the campaign a stronger, more memorable voice that would be relatable for the target audience. We developed a logo mark to be used alongside the character which resembles a signature to strengthen the relationship between Hugger and the audience.

Once the character had been agreed upon we worked on a whole host of designs for promotional goods, press adverts, posters, flyers, displays and ped packs to be given out at local bike stores to new motorcyclists.

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