The branding for RINSE (Reducing Invasive Non-Native Species in Europe) was commissioned via Norfolk County Council who were lead partner of the project.

The brief was to create a brand identity that focused on the organisation’s goal of reducing foreign plants and wildlife which have been introduced into Europe, and have had a damaging effect on the environment and local wildlife.

The logo is made up of four elements: a feather, a leaf, scales and honeycomb. This is to represent the different types of species RINSE are trying to reduce (reptiles, fish, plants, birds and insects).

We used the ‘R’ from Rinse as a graphic device throughout the brand collateral. This element tessellates when reports are laid on a table creating a continuous pattern which emulates waves. We decided on three primary brand colours to create a strong identity. Further secondary marketing colours were later added so that different areas of the project could be easily identified through colour.

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