SID Framework

The SID Framework is used by public sector organisations to design, finance and construct social infrastructure projects which utilise surplus assets.

Our brief was to design a modernistic logo and brand identity that gave a fresh look to public sector infrastructure.

The logo we designed represents a ‘D’ for ‘Development’ and also creates the shape of an arch, a strong constructional design to symbolise the strength of the framework. We wanted to create an icon for the framework which could be used on social media but also to be carried across as a brand device. We used a range of vibrant colours to represent the many partners involved in the framework. The typography is simple and clean to give the brand a modern contemporary feel.

We developed a branded brochure which has been used to market the Framework to potential authorities and suppliers. We also produced pull up displays, a series of headers for use in documentation which allow the client to maintain a consistent marketing and brand identity approach.

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